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Relief from chronic pain: One customer’s story

Angie Palmer’s first experience with CBD started with her dogs. 

“My dogs are older, and experienced anxiety and dementia. I was looking for a natural alternative to help ease their pain, and found ENVEED’s Good Dog, a CBD spray for dogs,” said Angie. 

When she saw the relief and calm her dogs felt, she decided to try it for herself. 

A long-time chronic pain sufferer, Angie was using opioids to ease her pain. Tired of the side effects they brought on, she knew she needed a healthier alternative. 

While Angie had a bad experience with marijuana before, she had done her research and understood that marijuana and CBD are NOT the same. 

“People tend to associate CBD with marijuana and it’s not, there’s a big difference! With CBD, there are no side effects,” she said.  

She’s used CBD for a couple of years now, starting with a low dose and working her way up from there to relieve her pain. She’s seen incredible results. 

“I have less pain and inflammation, CBD controls my anxiety and obsessive behaviors and helps me relax. I roll on Relief every day, go to sleep, and I feel like my normal self in a calmer state,” said Angie. 

She’s now able to lead a very active lifestyle, exercises six times a week, and serves as a mobile notary, where she’s on the road 35,000 miles a year for work.

“ENVEED’s CBD products really help me maintain an active lifestyle,” she said.



Angie Palmer
Age: 46
San Diego, CA
ENVEED products: Relief Roll on, Relax oil tincture, Clarity oil tincture