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Full-Spectrum Hemp vs CBD Isolate

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Before you learn the differences and similarities of Full-Spectrum Hemp & CBD Isolate, have you checked out our blog on what CBD is? If not click here to read in full. If you’re all caught up and educated on the individual elements, or don’t mind a shorter breakdown, let’s continue on how they compare.
    • CBD is the short form of the term cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol is a natural component of industrial hemp. CBD oil is an oil that has a significant content of cannabidiol. It is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds, like hemp oil. CBD Isolate is exactly what it sounds like: CBD separated from any and all other cannabis compounds. It is isolated by cooling extracted oil until it forms into crystals. These crystals are then processed into a highly pure powder. This powder is CBD as its undiluted molecular compound.
   • Full-Spectrum Hemp is different than CBD Isolate. Full-spectrum hemp oil refers to when the pure oil extracted from the hemp plant contains all of the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant. Full-spectrum CBD comes directly from the whole plant and contains every cannabinoid present in the hemp plant. Different cannabinoids introduce various potential benefits that can address a wide variety of ailments and disorders, both singularly and in conjunction with one another. Synergy between the cannabinoids, compounds, and terpenes in full spectrum hemp oil is known to induce “the entourage effect” Certain medications can be replaced by CBD oils, but you should always consult your physician first.
If you are encouraged to use natural products, let ENVEED help you adapt a natural lifestyle. Here at ENVEED, we take time and care to ensure we are creating the highest quality full spectrum products on the market. Let’s see which of our products catches your eye and can help you adapt to a natural lifestyle. 

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