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What are Terpenes?

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So, what are they and how does ENVEED use them?

Outline of Terpenes

All of ENVEED’s CBD products contain terpenes, but what are terpenes and why are they important? This short blog elaborates on how you find terpenes and what they do. Every terpene is a little bit different from the next, so let’s start with a general idea of what they are.
Terpenes are the naturally occurring combination of carbon and hydrogen found in the essential oils of plants. Every plant produces and contains terpenes. Extracting different terpenes and combining them with CBD oil is what gives us the natural product that we deliver straight to you. ENVEED uses a few terpenes more regularly, such as alpha-pinene and limonene, and below we elaborate on each individual terpene and its properties before we introduce you to our individual lines.
• Alpha-Pinene (found in pine needles, dill, and rosemary) boosts energy and is a natural bronchodilator that opens your bronchial muscles in order to ease air passage; it also improves focus and is good for memory. Hence the name, alpha-pinene is naturally occurring in pine and other tree types. 
• Eucalyptol, an ingredient in many brands of mouthwash and cough suppressants, is a natural organic compound known to be a cyclic ether and a monoterpenoid. It controls airway mucus hypersecretion and asthma via anti-inflammatory cytokine inhibition. 
• Limonene, found in citrus fruits and having a citrusy flavor, is good for treating moodiness and depression. Feeling nauseous? This fruity terpene should be a first choice to settle your stomach. Linalool is a great antibacterial agent has pain and anxiety-relieving qualities. 
• Linalool is often found in flowers like lilac or citrusy fruits like oranges. It is very similar to limonene and can be found in over 200 plants and certain fungi. Many perfumes, cleaning supplies, and lipsticks contain linalool due to its natural fragrance.
• Myrcene, most commonly found in mango, is a pain reliever and is often used in sedatives. Myrcene also has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant qualities, helping to give your body overall pain relief.
Each terpene is used differently, but for its individual benefits and properties. Little did you know, terpenes such as limonene and eucalyptol are used regularly in your everyday products! How often do you see eucalyptus tea or a lemon home cleaner? At ENVEED, we use nature to nurture your needs through each of our specially-blended product lines. 
Let’s get you familiar with Relief, Relax, and Clarity, then figure out which one best fits you.
--ENVEED’s Relief Formula contains our proprietary terpene blend, including eucalyptol and alpha-pinene. Known to provide deep relief to joints and muscles, we paired this with our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for maximum anti-inflammatory benefits. This formula provides excellent relief for mild to moderate pain through the refreshing flavor of mint and sweet lime. 
ENVEED’S Relax Formula harnesses the anti-anxiety properties of our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Coupled with the calming effects of myrcene and balance of linalool. Relax will help with daily stress and anxiety. Prepare to relax without the drowsiness in a tropical blend of pineapple and mango.
ENVEED’S Clarity Formula is a naturally invigorating mix of our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and our proprietary terpene blend, including limonene. Feed your creativity with this zesty blend of lemon and orange citrus while maintaining focus and concentration.
So what's the Bottom Line?
Terpenes are natural hydrocarbons that can be found in every plant. Which terpene and its extraction process determines what product is best for your symptom. So what is your need – a terpene blend to treat your inflammation and pain, or something to give you a recharge and keep you focused? Either way, ENVEED has the perfect blend for you. Still unsure? Please feel free to contact and ask us about our products!

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