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What is CBD Oil?

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You keep seeing spam ads about CBD, claiming that it’s “holistic” or will “enhance your lifestyle”. They’re claiming that this oil relieves and treats many symptoms, but you’re just not quite sure what CBD oil even is. There are about 100 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis sativa plant, and Cannabidiol is one of them. Cannabidiol, or CBD, was discovered in the 1940s and has since been researched for its medical qualities. 


CBD is a chemical component of the Cannabis sativa plant, which includes both hemp and marijuana, but does not cause intoxication or euphoria (the “high”) that comes from THC. You can ingest it by mouth, rub it on skin, or even smoke it. If you are looking for something that can be used without a psychoactive, effect look for oils high in CBD with little to no THC, like our ENVEED Products! Your body may respond differently to the cannabinoids and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract than your neighbor. Therefore, dosages may vary from person to person. A suggested strategy is to start small, observe the effects, and then increase or decrease to reach your desired level of effect.


Cannabidiol is most often studied for its numerous medicinal effects, including but not limited to:

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anti-nausea
  • Digestive aid
  • Immune system boosting



The Bottom Line?

Cannabidiol is the medicinal cannabinoid. While there are numerous factors that contribute to the medicinal effects of cannabis (plant genetics, cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, etc.), you should have a basic understanding of cannabinoids and how they help you. To determine which strains may best treat your condition, always review your facts about cannabinoids, especially CBD, and know your CBD producer and the product.

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