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Relief from chronic pain: One customer’s story

Angie Palmer’s first experience with CBD started with her dogs.  “My dogs are older, and experienced anxiety and dementia. I was looking for a natural alternative to help ease their pain, and found ENVEED’s Good Dog, a CBD spray for dogs,” said Angie.  

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Top 10 questions about CBD

We get a lot of questions about CBD — what is it? How do I use it? What does it do? Here, we answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions we receive to help you on your journey to adapting a natural lifestyle.

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Full-Spectrum Hemp vs CBD Isolate

You've probably heard and read about CBD and Full-Spectrum Hemp, but which one is right for you? Do these contain THC? Which one is more worth my money? Continue reading to find out the similarities and differences.

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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

As similar as both the plants and oils are, there are crucial differences between hemp and cannabis. Hearing products advertised as “cannabis oil” and “marijuana oil” can falsely inform you of what a product actually holds. So let's take look deeper into what the differences really are..

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What are Terpenes?

All CBD products contain terpenes, but what are terpenes and why are they important? Every terpene is a little bit different from the next, so let’s start with a general idea of what they are.

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