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What Is Nanotechnology And Why Does It Matter For CBD?

what is Nanotechnology

You don't need to morph into Bill Nye magically, the Scientist, to comprehend nanotechnology. We'll break that down for you in bite-sized chunks.

Going in with this post, it's essential to understand that size is necessary, and not all Cannabidiol is created equal.

Why CBD Nanotechnology Is Effective

CBD nano is said to function by several CBD merchants because the smaller particle size of the CBD molecule makes things easier for them to be delivered by the blood supply. This guarantees that the CBD reaches the liver in its entirety.

According to a few research, such as the one published in the Journal of Developing Drugs and Industrial Pharmacy by Duran-Lobato et al., the fundamental reason why nanoparticles work with CBD is due to their lipophilic properties.

Hydrophilic or lipophilic molecules are the two types of molecules. This implies that only some particles could naturally bind to water-based compounds, whereas others can bind to lipid-based molecules.

There are, however, some molecules that can accomplish both — they operate as a double magnet, with such a hydrophilic or hydrophobic end. This enables them to act as a link between molecules that would otherwise be unable to join under normal conditions.

Nanotechnology 101

Nano CBD

Have you ever heard of nanotechnology before coming across this article? You're not alone, especially now that nanotechnology is at the front of scientific investigation.

What Is Nanotechnology, Anyway?

Nano is the abbreviation for nanometer. One nanometer equals one billionth of a meter (with a "b"). (There are a lot of nulls!) Don't get too worked up about the measuring units; instead, consider the following facts:

  • A pinhead may hold millions of nano-sized particles.
  • The width of DNA molecules is roughly 2.5 nanometers.
  • A man's average height is 1,737,000,000 nanometers (5.7 feet), whereas a woman's average height is 1,585,000,000 nanometers (5.2 feet).

The "science of small" is nanotechnology (also known as nano or nanotech). A relatively recent branch of applied research and innovation allows us to control substances' fundamental building blocks. (Remember, we're talking about atoms and molecules.) As a result, the word "nano" appears in its name.) As a result of this technique, we can shrink normal-sized particles into considerably smaller ones.

Nano CBD

What's the Big Deal About Nano?

Nanotechnology aims to take advantage of our size for human benefit. Nanotechnology's tiny particles can improve substances' efficiency, effectiveness, activity, and bioavailability without changing their chemical structure. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Researchers are using nanotechnology to develop new and improved products. They're enhancing drug delivery for chemicals that are usually tough for human bodies to absorb, for instance, in the medical field. Patients may need to take small pills or have more favorable effects from their medications due to this. This can result in cost and resource reductions as well.

ENVEED creates the most excellent Cannabidiol products available with nanotechnology.

For CBD, Nano Is A Big Victory For You.

Nanotechnology has made its way into the cannabis world, which is good news for you. What makes this so important to you? To put it another way, nano Cannabidiol is more bioavailable.

What Is The Role Of Nanotechnology In CBD?

It's a straightforward premise. These are the fundamentals:

  • Cannabinoids are a type of nutrient that is fat-soluble. They tend to cluster together in your intestines. As a result, they are less absorbable.
  • CBD is broken down into tiny particles by nano-sizing.
  • The absorbable surface area of a CBD particle increases exponentially when it is divided into millions of smaller particles.
  • Instead of just one CBD chunk, you're exposing receptor cells to millions of Cannabidiol bits.

Nanosized CBD's Advantages

The following are the most significant advantages of noticing CBD in your products:

  • Increased absorbency. CBD particles that are smaller have a better chance of penetrating your body.
  • Acting time is reduced. CBD molecules are so minor that they bypass your digestion process and enter your bloodstream right away. Your bloodstream is your body's superhighway, carrying CBD directly to the cell where it's needed. As a result, you may feel the CBD's effects sooner.
  • Maintain the highest level of quality. The supplement preserves its integrity by avoiding exposing the Cannabidiol particles to your GI tract.
  • It helps you save money. You get some more bang for the buck when your nano Cannabinoids function harder. Because the CBD isn't degraded or diminished by the hostile intestinal environment, more of it can be used to treat your illness. Because CBD bioavailability is higher, you can use fewer products to get good outcomes than non-nano-sized CBD.


ENVEED has been a long-time passenger on the nano train — in the locomotive, not the caboose. We recognized its ability to destabilize (in a positive way!) the CBD market and haven't looked back since.

Our management team has been noticing cannabis with experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for several years. From the beginning, we set out to provide the most bioavailable CBD on the market. We've come a long way together and created a fantastic line of new nanosized Cannabis products.

Nano CBD Is Superior

So, let's have a look at what all of that hard work has yielded. What distinguishes ENVEED Cannabis products from other CBD products? The best method to demonstrate this is to use figures.

ENVEED's nano CBD is made up of the following ingredients:

Almost all of it is absorbed (based on lab tests).

Nano CBD is five times greater as digestible than regular CBD.

Other firms that have tried noticing their Cannabinoids have only gotten as far as 150–200 nanometers.

The center of attention for all of our items.

In a Nutshell: Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, sometimes known as nano, is a branch of applied science that aims to improve substances by shrinking their molecular size without altering their chemical structure. Smaller particles can help in various ways, and researchers are using this technology in a variety of fields, including medicine and nutraceuticals.

In the case of CBD, nanotizing enhances the cannabinoids' bioavailability. This may improve the effectiveness of your CBD products. CBD products that are more effective and efficient can provide faster relief, save you money, and more.

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